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  • Limpia Ritual

    Co miesiąc
    Self Healing Bath/Shower Ritual
    • herbal wash concentrate
    • lemon
    • instructions
  • Meditation Member

    Co miesiąc
    guided shamanic clearing & teaching over zoom
    • virtual group session
    • group held on a Sunday and Wednesday evening
    • dark moon clearing meditation
    • ongoing alter support
  • Recover & Evolve

    Co miesiąc
    support & healing & management for physical & spirit body
    Ważny przez 6 miesiące/y
    • bi-weekly clearing recording
    • group support class once per month (third week Sun or Weds)
    • two 1.5 long sessions
    • four hour long follow-up scheduled on 'off months'
    • alter support
  • Meditation One Off

    Third Week of Each Month
    Ważny przez 7 dni
    • Limpia One Time

      One time Ritual Kit
      Ważny przez 7 dni
      • bi-monthly guided healing

        Co miesiąc
        bi-monthly recorded clearing meditations
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